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Summer Maintenance Service in Boardman, OH

Summer Maintenance Service in Boardman, OH

Prevent Your Engine From Overheating

Ensure an Optimal Level of Coolant or Antifreeze

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Preparing your car for the summer is as important as preparing it for the harsh winter season, as high temperatures can also take their toll on your vehicle, not to mention you’ll also have to be prepared for all the other conditions that this season brings along. Here at Sweeney Used Cars Ohio, we provide you with a few tips on how to be prepared and offer you the services you require. Read on to learn more.

As we’ve mentioned above, the first most notorious factor is, of course, the blazing summer sun. Heat can diminish your battery life, so it’s important to have your battery checked, terminals cleaned, connections secured, or have it replaced altogether if you’re already starting to have issues like dimming lights or trouble turning on the engine. Having clean oil and a clean oil filter are also important factors to keep your engine running smoothly, as a rise in temperature also increases friction. And, of course, don’t forget to keep your coolant or antifreeze at optimal levels to prevent the radiator from overheating. Make sure to ask about our service specials to maximize your benefits at our shop!

One of the worse scenarios of driving in the summer is, without a doubt, having to drive without the AC, so be sure to have your air conditioning system checked to make sure that it’s working properly and that it’s not low on refrigerant. Tires and brakes should also definitely be on your checklist. If you have snow tires, this would be a good time to switch them out, since they are too heavy for the summer and reduce your fuel efficiency. Also make sure you verify your tires’ level of inflation. And having the undercarriage of your car washed is not a bad idea either, as salt can form and solidify on crucial components, accelerating rust and decay.

Last, but not least, take care of your visibility by ensuring that your windshield wipers are not cracked, frayed, or damaged. Have lights inspected to ensure they’re all functioning and free from dirt and insects that may have made their way inside them. And keep bug grime off your windshield with an appropriate washer fluid.

All this and more can be performed at your one-stop service shop: Sweeney Used Cars Ohio. We are happy to accommodate you anytime Monday through Saturday, during our convenient morning to evening hours. Make your appointment today for your summer maintenance service in Boardman, OH. We’ll leave your car as good as new and ready to cruise the streets in no time.

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See you next time!

January 11, 2017

I went to Sweeney and was introduced to John Cefalde, my salesman at The door and as all dealerships go, you just get that pit in the stomach like here we go again. But after John listened to me and really gave great advice I realized then it was more then just another deal to him. To all who work at Sweeney, its a family really trying to add another to the great experience. You get to decide to buy or not. It was not forced just felt right!!!!! I have a place i will go for life and know who i will ask for and KNOW i am getting the best Deal for me and my family. Thanks again John, see you Next time!

Great place

January 8, 2017

Matt and Jake were great. I appreciate they were able to work with my mom''s budget and to get her a dream car. They got her last name correct which was nice. They answered all questions that we had.

Thank you, Lisa!

January 11, 2017

Had a great buying experience from Sweeney Chevrolet. Lisa Sefcik was amazing, she put together several deals without hesitation to find the best payment for me. I can''t say thank you enough to Lisa for taking the time with me as well as her knowledge of the vehicles.

Great Service

Boardman OH
March 1, 2016

Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC has been servicing my GM vehicles on a regular basis starting in the calendar year 1990. Since 1970 I have purchased 22 GM vehicles for my self, my wife, my son and daughter. Dr. Bob Hoover

Thank you so much!

March 4, 2016

After wrecking my g6, I was really nervous to go into the dealership for my first major purchase! Justin O'Hara and Dave Vantell were very easy to deal with and very interested in my families needs! I am 26 years old and will buy all my cars from them! Thank you so much!

we drove 80 miles

Guys Mills PA
March 26, 2016

We drove 80 miles to look at a truck. We got there late in the day right before closing time. We met and dealt with Dave Tacsik. Right off the bat, Dave was pleasurable and did not rush us. Gave us keys and said go test drive it and take your time .Loved the truck immediately. Drove back to dealership and met with Dave again. He was in no hurry to rush us into buying or to make us come back another day to close the deal. He did his paperwork and introduced us to the finance person. With financing in order, We bought the truck, finished deal well after closing time. After the sale, Dave still kept in contact with us, helping set up our Onstar and Siruis Radio accounts. MG.

incredible experience!

Boardman OH
April 1, 2016

Just purchased a Jeep from Sweeney this week and had an incredible experience! Matt Carothers was more than nice and let me test drive numerous cars until I found the perfect one. He was patient and helpful and treated me very well. Mike Moore made the financing aspect so easy for us and kept us laughing the whole time! Would recommend this dealership and their employees to anyone looking for a new or used car!

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